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Free Email Checker is a free tool to check the validity of any email address.

Common detected errors

wrongly entered, mispelled domain name, mispelled username, inexisting email account, inexisting domain, disposable address, account over quota...

How it works

For each email submission, our tool connects to the email server, simulates sending a message, and verifies if the mailbox really exists. No actual email is sent.

Description of the tool

Among all the tools offered by Deltadromeus, Free Email Checker is the one intended for everyone to check if an email exists. This fully online and immediate service ensures that a given email address is valid, that is to say, it corresponds to a real mailbox. This mail checker tool is very popular because it is very well positioned on users' favorite mailboxes. What makes it very popular is also the fact that checking an email is free. In one click, you can check that the email address you have been provided is right.

This free email verifier is available for free access. But it is limited in number of consecutive uses per time period. It allows an individual to check an email for free, but it is not suitable for companies and websites that need to check large volumes of addresses. For these, the professional range of Deltadromeus tools will meet their needs: whether to verify a large list of emails, or to check in real time email addresses one by one via a webservice api.

Free Mail Checker works the easiest way in the world. You indicate the email address to verify for free, you press on « check now », and you get the result: the email address exists and is used by someone or the address is invalid and unused. You can check email online before sending your message, to avoid having to wait several hours to know if it has been received and avoid unsuccessful email returns and bounces.

The result of the online email checker is almost immediate, since a verification takes on average 1 second. The verification takes place in several stages. First, the format of the email is tested, to ensure that it complies with the rules of nomenclature of an email address. Secondly, the email validator online perform a simulation of sending an email in order to connect to the corresponding mail server, to communicate with it and to verify that the contact does indeed exist. Of course no email is actually sent to the address indicated.

Addresses submitted on our free email tester are not used outside the requested control. The service is completely free because it is also a showcase for the professional range, and is proudly presented as a test for our customers. Submitted email addresses are not stored, used or sold.

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