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An email verifier is a tool that checks the validity of an email address through several computer processes. These processes will both verify the validity of the format of the address and verify that the email is associated with a mailbox that actually exists. As these treatments are expensive and not accessible to the general public, the best solution to check mail addresses is to use a dedicated tool or service, adapted to his needs, called an email address verifier. Deltadromeus, with its expertise, offers you four tools depending on your needs, from free email checking online to bulk email list verification.

Verifying the email address validity

The first step of the mail verifier is to check the format of the address. The format of an email address consists of three parts: the local part which corresponds to a local user name, the special character at sign and the name of the mail server. In addition, each of these parts must comply with rules concerning the authorized character, the locations or the sequences authorized or not allowed for certain characters.

The second step to verify email address validity is the essential step of checking its existence. A verified email is an email address that exists. An email that exists is an email for which a server exists, receives mail but also for which an existing natural person picks up the mail. An address that seems correctly formatted but for which no user is registered on the server is not valid for example. An abandoned box, a box which is over-quota, or a disposable email are also not valid. This is a crucial step, when you have to communicate with the mail server corresponding to the address, to ensure that it corresponds to a known user.

Deltadromeus mail verifiers

Deltadromeus provides 4 email verifiers to answer 4 well identified needs. These are all automated tools that verify if an email exists in live.

A free email verifier for your online tests

With Deltadromeus free email verifier, you are allowed to test any email address you want for free. The service is available online and is totally free. If you were provided an address you’re not sure about, just verify your email in one second by submitting a simple form. Fast and free, this tool is just essential.

A bulk email verifier if you have a database or mailing list to check

With Deltadromeus bulk email verifier, your company is allowed to test and clean its database or mailing list. Do never send an emailing to your list without having cleaned it before if you want to avoid your message being labelled as spam. This online tool is essential to verify email addresses from a large list.

The Deltadromeus range is also composed from two other email verifiers. If you have a website or an application, these solutions allow you to verify if an email is valid whenever you want, directly from your app. For instance, we offer you a real-time verification webservice that you can call each time a user registers on your website. Another solution acts as a wordpress plugin to control the registration of your users automatically, without any development. Each of these tool is very flexible and verify mail in less than one second in order to work in live.

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