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We will explain you how to test an email address, i.e. how to know if an email address exists for real and belongs to a real user. The first possibility is to test the email following a multistep procedure that ensures that the email is valid and correctly formatted, and that it corresponds to an electronic mailbox belonging to a registered user. The second possibility is to use a tool or service performing this verification. There are indeed many tools to check emails, and we offer on Deltadromeus 4 mail testers: the free online test of a given address, the verification of a large list of emails (bulk test), the automated verification on a form of your website and finally the on demand verification by a webservice. Let's now detail these two steps...

Test email address validity

Testing an email is a process that takes place in several operations. The first of these is to test the format of the email address. The address must indeed be properly formatted and meet strict rules. At this stage, the control can reject a certain number of incorrect emails. Whether because of an invalid character, or an unauthorized sequence, the reasons can be multiple. But the hardest is yet to come with the test of the existence of the mailbox. At this stage, the operation consists of connecting to the server corresponding to the address to be verified, and of exchanging data with it as when sending an electronic message. Except that this operation will not send any email and will simply simulate a sending to test if the user exists. This is a communication such as any email software does. The procedure is not yet completely finished, because it is also necessary to make sure that the user really exists and is able to check his mails. For instance, an over-quota electronic box or a disposable email address will be detected and rejected because it does not correspond to a real user.

Now you know how to test if an email is valid. But checking an email address yourself requires computer skills and is of course a little complicated and expensive to do alone. That's why we recommend using a mail tester tool.

Using a mailtester

Using an email address tester is the ideal way to verify an email. There are many tools and it is thus easy to find one that corresponds to his needs. At Deltadromeus, we have a dedicated range of email tester services.

Free email tester

The first, Free Mail Checker, is a free email tester. Completely online, and offered for free, it allows you to ensure that a given email address is fully valid.

The second, On-Site Email Checker, is an email tester plugin integrated into your site. This is a very simple tool to add to your website to instantly start testing emails of all your new registered users. In the same vein, the third tool, On-Demand Email Checker, is an api mail tester. You call the webservice and thus fully control the validation, in real time, from your website or application.

Bulk email tester

If you plan to send a large quantity of mails, the fourth tool, Bulk Email Checker, is for you: it is an email list tester. Upload your mailing list online, whether it's a file in excel (xls, xlsx), libreoffice (ods) or text (txt, csv) format, then just wait for the results. The bulk email tester will work by itself, verifying all your addresses, and will notify you when its task is complete. Then just download the file with yours results, email by email.

Now you know how to test email address validity and you mainly know four mailtesters to immediately start your verifications and detect the right and wrong addresses. It's your turn!

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