Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to your frequently asked questions about our service. If you need any other information, please contact us

How does Deltadromeus work on my website?
Once installed on your website, Deltadromeus will verify every email address entered trough your submission forms. When a valid email address is entered, the submission will go as usual. If an invalid email address is entered, a message will be displayed encouraging the user to submit a valid email address.
Does Deltadromeus send an email while processing the verification of an email address?
No, Deltadromeus connects to mail servers and simulates sending an email to make sure the mailbox really exists. But no actual email is sent.
How accurate is Deltadromeus? 100%?
Some mail servers do not co-operate in the verification process. No technology can verify an email address and be 100% accurate. However, Deltadromeus is 95% to 100% accurate! In fact, for each email address we get a result with a certainty score (1 to 10). Our goal is to help you collect leads with a valid email address, but we don't want you to lose any lead by error. Deltadromeus is configured by default to accept an email address in case of doubt. If the email address can not be verified for any reason (mail server not co-operating, unstable Internet connection, outdated browser) the solution will not block your form submission. Just ask us if you want to adjust this behaviour to your needs.
Are all verifications counted?
No, we will not count a verification if the email address is invalid because of format error or if it has already been counted within the last 30 days.
Does Deltadromeus keep email addresses?
Your data remains yours and yours only. It will never be shared or used, by any means. Email addresses are only verified and stored on our secure servers for the sole purpose of reporting to you. You can configure for how long Deltadromeus will store email addresses: ranging from 0 day (not stored at all) to 60 days max (by default). After that, email addresses will automatically be deleted from our servers.
What happens when I run out of verifications, according to my monthly plan?
Deltadromeus is configured to protect you from losing leads. If you exceeded the number of verifications included in your monthly plan, email addresses will simply be accepted without verification. You can configure this trough Deltadromeus settings. We will notify you via email so that you can upgrade your monthly plan.
How long does Deltadromeus take to verify an email address?
In average, only 1 second! But it depends on each mail server. 30 seconds passed, Deltadromeus considers that email address to be valid (so that you don’t lose the lead). So, it will never take more than 30 seconds. You can customize this behaviour in the Settings area.
I can not find my confirmation email
After registration you will receive an email with a confirmation link. If you can not find it, check your Unwanted messages folder and make sure you entered a valid email address ;)