The Deltadromeus range: 4 tools to check email validity

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check an email address for free online

check an email list

verify email address via a webservice api

live test of email address on a form of your site thanks to a plugin

Our solutions check if an email address exists

Test the validity of your email addresses.

Common detected errors

wrongly entered, mispelled domain name, mispelled username, inexisting email account, inexisting domain, disposable address, account over quota...

How it works

For each email submission, our tool connects to the email server, simulates sending a message, and verifies if the mailbox really exists. No actual email is sent.


Better deliverability

Sending emails to invalid adresses results in hardbounces and low email open rate that get your future emails labelled as spam. Improve your deliverability and increase your email open and click rates!

Save your money

Don't waste your money sending emails to inexisting mailboxes!

Increase your revenue

With our real-time solutions, detect bad addresses on the fly and transform them into valid and valuable emails.

Stop losing revenue.
Start sending emails to real people.

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